We offer the power spectrum of a MICE full-service-agency and are happy to either realize your whole project or unburden you in certain sections only.

Crucial to our success is the perfect planning throughout all phases of our engagement as well as the high quality standard we have dedicated to.

Excellent and trustworthy cooperation is what characterizes our collaboration with customers and service suppliers respectively.

Our services at a glance

Conceptual design, organization and monitoring of

  • Corporate Events
  • Meetings
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Congresses
  • Incentives

Professional hotel management for business customers in the fields of

  • trade fairs
  • congresses
  • events

Trade fairs

You are exhibiting on a trade fair? We provide a room allotment meeting your needs and wishes!

As specialists for professional hotel management, we offer, tailored to your specific requirements:

  • A large selection of hotels for international fairs and major events
  • Purchase of specific hotel allotments
  • Quota administration and guest management
  • Individual full-service

Let us find the hotel of your choice and focus on the content and goals of your next trade fair attendance.


You are planning your next congress visit? We have the suitable hotel!

Congresses are international meeting points for the professional world and important market places for innovative products and solutions.

We offer carefully selected room allotments conformant to the codex for all major international medical congresses.

Furthermore, we organise and assist with:

  • Visitor Management
  • Meetings
  • Transfers
  • Programmes
  • Restaurant reservations

Feel free to focus - Capitalize on your core competences and delegate the rest.

As your capable business partner we offer a range of services related to event management and ensure the perfect interaction of many details will lead to a convincing result. Due to an accurate planning and high quality standards through all project phases we achieve the maximum outcome for you, regardless of whether we are realizing your event as such or unburdening you in certain sections only.

Our conciously global alignment regarding clientele and fields of activities and the cooperation with carefully selected partners in transportation, logistics, hotel industry, catering and guest management provides you with ‘full service in one-stop’.

The effort for conceptual design, organization and monitoring of an event is enormous and can hardly be handled next to day-to-day activities by most companies. This is where we propose our strengths in order to effectively relieve the company, departments and employees.

Let your senses be amazed ...

An idea is the beginning to every event. A concept customized to the client and the occasion is our priority, from the first briefing until the implementation of the event.

Obtain intensive and experience-driven communication …

We address your employees, customers and business partners on an emotional level – whether you want to motivate, inform or present – let us make your product and company the center of attention.

Whether it is a

  • Meeting or Workshop
  • Trade Fair or Congress
  • Roadshow
  • product presentation
  • or a Kick-Off-Meeting

Whatever might be the occasion or message, we look forward to design, organize and implement an event tailored to your ideas and visions.

Welcome to a world of experience ...

The English term ‘incentive‘ originates from the Latin word ‘incendere‘ and means as much as ‘enlight‘, ‘excite‘, or ‘enhance‘.

Incentives are events or tours primarily used to motivate or remunerate employees and business partners and to enlarge their loyalty to the company.

It is about sustainably affecting the target group by creating new worlds of experience, initiating inspiration, and awaking emotions.

The concepts and strategies to achieve this goal are various and distinct.

Use the benefit of our expertise and passion to enthuse!

Explore, experience, enjoy!

Back in 1910, Karl Scheffler (a famous art critic and publisher) announced that ‘Berlin is a city condemned forever to becoming and never being.’ This often quoted sentence still holds its validation today.

Berlin was divided and united, has been province for years, became capital and metropolis again, was destroyed and built up, shows a few ugly and many beautiful sides, is shrill or idyllic – but more than anything else – extremely vivid and always on the move.

Berlin presents itself as a city of changes, ideas, plans and never tired.

Experience the diversity of the German capital and its very own fascination!

As an Incoming Agency we organize distinct and exceptional events and programs in Berlin as well as all over Germany. Certainly always tailored to your wishes and needs!


Our clientele is as versatile as our services

It is certainly our goal to share our excellent references with you while maintaining adequate discretion at the same time. Therefore, please send us an E-mail request and we will be happy to return to you with a selected listing of our international customers.

Our national and international customers come from different sectors and industries. The scope of duties and projects are diversified, creative and challenging.

The collaboration with our customers is based on mutual trust and is consistently carried out according to high standards.

Our employees offer long-lived, profound professional experience in the hospitality industry as well as international market- and industry proficiency.

Broad expertise, international networks and the experience gained in numerous projects ensure a capable and professional service throughout.

It is our objective to not only meet your expectations but exceed them on a constant basis!

Make our strengths a success factor of your company.

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